Big Eye, February 3, 2015

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It was good to see an actual genuine Government Minister visiting the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn last week.

The photograph of the Minister for Health Jeremy Hunt stalking the corridors in his shirt sleeves with North West Norfolk Conservative MP colleague Henry Bellingham dogging his footsteps led me to hope this represented some kind of ‘phoenix’ moment for the QEH and that Jez was here to announce a massive and much needed investment in our beleaguered hospital. Sadly, this was not the case. Mr Hunt was not here to offer any kind of practical or financial support and frankly I’m not entirely sure what he’d come for at all unless it was in the belief that his very presence would boost morale and encourage everyone to greater efforts.

Henry was very pleased with the visit despite the dearth of anything like concrete support from the Minister but I’m sure hospital staff have been comforted to know that Jeremy Hunt believed their hospital “has a great future”.

I suppose a promise of ‘nothing’ is better than a promise of the ‘moon on a stick’ as has been the case with the newly-elected government in Greece.

The new regime now in power has taken advantage of an electorate who were tired of the austerity measures imposed as part of the financial packages developed by the EU to save the Greeks from imploding.

The nation’s entire infrastructure of roads, rail, health services and the bureaucratic process has all but collapsed under the weight of debt and a demoralised people but along comes a Messiah in the form of Alexis Tsipras who promised the earth in exchange for votes.

Unfortunately for him and his party, he won and now somehow he’s got to come up with the goods.

My guess is that his ridiculous promises to rid the nation of much of this debt overnight will come to nothing and that this naive or stupid electorate will realise that there is no such thing as a free lunch and if it sounds “too good to be true” it probably is!

For many of us in the UK it seems obvious that our basic infrastructure and society’s support systems are also collapsing and that the austerity measures so familiar to the Greeks are already biting here.

But to listen to British politicians you’d think they’ve also got all the answers.

Whatever colour the rosette, you’ll find they’ve got a glib solution for all ills and if you’d just be nice and vote for them it’ll be ‘jam tomorrow’ for everyone.

It is said that one should always be wary of “Greeks bearing gifts” and in this instance I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from the past.

Trojan horses are plonked in our path every day as one party leader or another makes pledges and promises to us that most of us know in our hearts will be hard if not impossible to fulfil after the election ...

Listen by all means but keep a hefty pinch of cynical salt handy!

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