Big Eye, January 31, 2017

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From my lair, I was becoming increasingly conscious of the feeling that I could be living in someone else’s dream, or had slipped into another surreal dimension.

But it was nothing to do with age or a mid-life crisis and, having pinched myself and banged my head repeatedly on the wall, I found that it wasn’t a dream ... but a nightmare.

President Trump has managed to persuade half the US that he really is going to be able to stuff their mouths with gold and transform their country into a massive shrine to consumerism.

As a dyed-in-the-wool cynic and terminally suspicious of anything that even resembles a political promise, I find it laughable that any sane person with a modicum of intelligence has taken him seriously.

His hideous exaggeration and blatant hyperbole about what is achievable takes my breath away and, despite evidence to the contrary, this man appears to be able to ignore facts and deliver his own bombastic versions of form of ‘Trump truth’ – about anything from the size of the crowds on inauguration day to the fact that 3 million illegal immigrants skewed the final popular vote in favour of Hillary Clinton.

Right or wrong, they are now lumbered with him for four years, unless he ends up making some catastrophic gaffe and has to be impeached or placed in a padded cell for his own safety.

You might say what the voters of the USA get up to in the privacy of their own back yard is nothing to do with us and we should mind our own business ... and that’s a reasonable attitude.

But lurking in the back of my mind is the faintly uneasy feeling that our own leader, Mrs May, was the first head of state to dip her expensively-shod tippy toes into the political swamp that surrounds the new Trump administration.

This all leaves me wondering what did she really say to him about his racism and policies towards ‘un-Americans?

How did she tackle his blatant disregard for the civilised world’s approach to state torture and the treatment of people whom he regards as enemies of the nation?

She patently didn’t anticipate going there to give him a piece of her mind and then expect him to shower us with favourable trade deals, which was her prime objective now that we’ve shot our bolt as far as the EU is concerned.

So, how does one tackle this conundrum? Failing to bring up the subject surely wasn’t an option bearing in mind he’s twittering crazed random policy thoughts to the entire planet.

So somehow she had to tread a fine line between expressing her revulsion or ignoring the evil concept of state-sponsored torture.

Essentially, she was likely to end up being damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

Whatever gloss they put on the meeting, I can see the day coming when Trump’s words will come back to haunt us. If torture works for the US, it works for our enemies, too.