Big Eye, June 28, 2016

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Well, it’s all over and the referendum outcome has left us all feeling distinctly nervous.

The stock markets are in a tail-spin but the flow of immigrant workers hasn’t abated and neither are thousands of panicking Brits heading for the ferries and there is still bread in Tescburys and beer in the taps at my local. All seemed remarkably calm and ordered considering the predictably close result. Yes, I know technically the first past the post system has delivered us a final number that says the Brexitters have succeeded but was it because many of us plainly didn’t know enough, trust enough or care enough to really try to get to the bottom of what was best for Britain? None can claim they won the day with a conclusive and resounding mandate and no campaigning politician will ever look any of us in the eye claiming their position was based upon facts. Few were acting upon accurate information because the dearth of hard evidence has been the one constant in this festival of bickering and lying.

The moratorium after the murder of Jo Cox gave us all the chance to catch our breaths and detox before the final onslaught of bile and rhetoric resumed on Monday morning. Although by this time our immunity to their histrionics had reached the point where Cameron could have threatened us with King Herod slaughtering our firstborn sons and nobody would have raised an eyebrow. We were that sick of it!

The atmosphere of calm that pervaded the Big Eye household on Referendum Day was almost palpable. My radio broadcasted the bland stories they’d been stockpiling for weeks knowing full well their reporters would be spending the afternoon on the sofa mentally preparing for the melee that would kick off again on Friday as the bitter recriminations that are now engulfing the political world gathered pace. And boy did it kick off! Sorrowful rants came from the losers as it slowly dawned on the ‘Remain’ campaign that their efforts had all been in vain.

I was not surprised to see that David Cameron, within hours of the vote, announcing his intention to quit .What happened to all that grit and determination to do what’s best for his beloved ‘hard working families’? His decision to not stand and strive with us looks like the actions of a sulking quitter. Now would have been the time to show his passion and his mettle. Instead he walks away ‘scott-free’ from the mess he’s created. It’s a poor old do!

We haven’t got a result, we’ve got a melange, a compromise and mish-mash that couldn’t have proved more conclusively that neither celebrities, politicians nor we ‘mere mortals’ had the foggiest idea what is best for Britain and we’re faced with a shocked and trepidacious people who are now divided smack bang down the middle. One thing is for certain, nobody (including the PM) is really celebrating the fact that our much-acclaimed democracy has delivered the goods this time!