Big Eye, March 10, 2015

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You would think that the PM’s current battle with the media and their concerted attempts to blackmail him into taking part in a public debate would be his most pressing concern at the moment, wouldn’t you?

Obviously he’s worried that if he now caves in to their pressure to step up to his podium to join fellow politicians for an hour-and-a half of bickering, squabbling and misinterpreted statistics, he could find himself backed into an uncomfortable politically dangerous corner.

I can’t blame him for that. But I can see why he might be concerned when I read that he has already promised fellow Tories in the Countryside Alliance’s magazine that if he wins the General Election he will offer the chance to MPs to repeal one of the most divisive, class-ridden laws passed in recent years in this country. Yes folks, David Cameron has put on record that once he’s returned to Parliament he will offer MPs a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act with a government Bill in government time.

I can picture the moment in the TV debate when finally someone pipes up about this revelation and Cameron is given his chance to defend his position in front of millions of people whose hackles will rise at the mere mention of this folly.

Fox hunting has, and always will be, regarded as one of those activities that represent the social divide, it epitomises the ‘class war’ debates and invariably will provoke an opinion from almost anyone with a brain or a conscience.

So why, when there is so much else to be done to get this country back on its feet, does David Cameron feel the need to dig up this rotten corpse again?

It’s hard to understand why this issue means so much to these people.

We all know why hunting with dogs was made illegal and we all know that most of the fox hunts in this country have continued ‘happily’ to carry on their activities using scent trails although they’ve always claimed that the occasional fox gets accidentally killed if Reynard is unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Normal people assume that if the hunting fraternity is still able to socialise and charge across the countryside on horseback and get some fresh air on a Saturday with their upper-crust friends this ought to encapsulate everything they love about their world ... but it isn’t enough it seems.

Despite all the pleasures offered by their jolly day out it all means nothing unless they are legally permitted to tear a poor bloody fox to bits during their outing.

The PM has controversially thrown this morsel to a vile and bloodthirsty group who were probably going to vote for him anyway and it seems hard to understand why.

Repealing the legislation, I presume, would also allow the hare coursers and badger diggers to resume their equally disgusting activities too?

Watch out for the TV debates, I think it’s going to get ugly!

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