Big Eye, May 12, 2015

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Well folks, Election 2015 is all over bar the shouting and we can settle back and wait for our new leaders to fulfil all the promises they bandied about as bribes to secure your vote.

‘Push’ will eventually come to ‘shove’ and the dreadful day of reckoning will reveal (in due course) whether their pledges were as empty as our pockets.

A lot of hot air was expended with most of their off-the-cuff commitments based on flimsy maths written on even flimsier fag packets.

As public servants paid for by our taxes we should be able to expect these MPs and Ministers to stick to their promises as you would any other branch of the civil service, but their track record is not good.

I find it hard to understand why we can’t simply apply our laws of justice and honesty to the people who pass the law and decide how much tax they’re going to squeeze from us without some degree of accountability other than the vacuous promise that we can always boot them out in five years’ time if we’re unhappy. Just imagine a system where our leaders were bound by the same laws about lying and cheating and hiding the truth that the rest of us have to abide by!

Consider a situation where the Prime Minister had pledged/promised to massively reduce our financial commitments to the EU to finance increases needed for the NHS and then failed to do it!

Within our judicial system we ought to have judges who could regard this failure to comply as perjury or conspiracy to defraud and send him down accordingly.

If I lie to a policeman or a judge and falsely claimed that my neighbour had whacked me with a tyre iron or nicked my car it’s called perjury or conspiracy ... if the Government lies to us it’s called politics.

Lying to the nation after being empowered with our sacred mandate to govern should be tempered with the proviso that false undeliverable promises or failure to deliver should carry personal penalties that hurt.

Last Thursday, I cast my vote as I have in every other election and my vote was again an entirely and utterly pointless waste of my energy and time.

In my ‘safe seat constituency’ the status-quo remains.

My views and my preferences will be consigned to the incinerator as was the ballot paper of everyone else voting against the blue tsunami. Until such time as a system of proportional representation allows our votes to mean something and carry some weight, I can see no point in repeating my futile gesture ever again.

So when the next election comes I shall forgo my right and leave them to it.

I will sleep easy in my bed tonight but I wonder how easily our Prime Minister will sleep knowing the savagery of the cuts he’s going to have to make to find the money he promised us? I hope for all our sakes he works it out. Time will tell.

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