Big Eye, November 22, 2016

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It would be fair to say I’m not inclined to backtrack and will happily cut off my nose to spite my face. I’m not so much stubborn as what my Mum calls ‘wooden’, but on this one extreme occasion I’m officially announcing my wholehearted regret at voting for the Brexiteers. My shame knows no depths and as I watch our leaders flounder pathetically in the face of opposition from our €uro counterparts and the Bremainer faction in Parliament, I’m finally realising the huge error I’ve made.

The man who should carry the can for this utter fiasco is David Cameron. The man who puffed up his little frowny face and thumped his lectern and bravely trumpeted his intention to allow ‘hard working families’ to have their say on our links with Europe. “Let the people decide” he gravely intoned..utterly oblivious to the potential disaster he was engineering by not preparing plans to deal with a Brexit decision! So great was his arrogance and overweening conceit for his ability to predict and lead the battle that he wouldn’t even countenance a whisper to the Civil Service to prepare for the unlikely possibility of us leaving the comforting bosom of the EC.

So, as our staggeringly indecisive and lame politicians continue to bicker and whine about the outcome of the vote I fear we are sliding closer and closer towards a toothless exit strategy that leaves us isolated as a nation in what is increasingly becoming a smaller and nastier world. Mrs May scuttles off for a chat with the leaders of various burgeoning nations but seems to return with little more than vague promises and a friendly handshake. I’ve not heard anything concrete or positive from her or her Ministers...just soft soap, waffle and standard open-ended political claptrap. The clock is ticking and as the months pass, Great Britain becomes more of an irrelevance to the outside world. Even President Elect Trump left us at number ten on his list of people to ring after his ghastly victory! We’re sleepwalking into oblivion and instead of coming out fighting to renew our status in the world we have to sit and watch like hapless numpties while May & Co stand around wringing their hands and prevaricating.

After the last general election I vowed never to vote again. My individual choice was rendered irrelevant by a system that relies upon an unfair ‘first past the post’ calculation that foisted the blue tsunami on West Norfolk yet again. It is those winners who now struggle to enact our democratic wish to leave the EC and they’re not up to it.

Cameron, the skulking architect of this catastrophe has escaped ‘scot-free’ with his lifestyle, lucrative government pension and ruddy health intact and walked away unscathed from the disaster he’s appalling.

My skin crawls when I think of my tiny role in this fandango, and you can be sure I “won’t get fooled again”. I wish I’d stuck to my guns and abstained!