Big Eye, October 20, 2015

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You may not have noticed and you may not be particularly bothered but over the past weeks there has been a number of low-key snippets in our local media concerning the likelihood of the county councils of Norfolk and Suffolk joining forces. Apparently we are not at the stage where this is imminent but when our county councillors quietly announce that they have given their leader Mr George Nobbs and his henchmen permission to pursue the proposal you can assume the writing is on the wall. I have no idea what this might entail but the mere fact that my county is considering cosying up to those Suffolkers makes my blood run cold. At the ‘Special Meeting’ last Thursday the 8th there was general approval from all quarters, apart from the Greens, to take this to the next level. The attraction, it seems, for these councillors is the potential to have more power devolved from Central Government permitting them greater responsibility for the functioning of this super-county which, for the purposes of this article, we’ll call Wanglia. I find it hard to believe that the kind of people who made such a hideously expensive cock-up with our incinerated waste disposal in the form of the £30m+ hurled down the toilet are now chirpily considering handing over the controls of our region to a newly formed bureaucratic body. We all know how pootling issues in a council chamber can become power-struggles between the socialist lefties and the posh right wingers as they bicker over details on their relentless ascent of the local political dung heap and these Machiavellian machinations always escalate into divisive and counter-productive partisan squabbles at County Hall. Imagine the impressive new Council Chamber they’ll need to house all these super-inflated egos and then imagine the pitch battles that will occur as they fight for supremacy. The Government baits the trap with the one thing these local amateur politicians love most, the chance to wield more executive power and once the trap has been sprung and Wanglia becomes a full-on bureaucratic nightmare you’ll find the Whitehall noose will only have to tighten on one throat rather than two.

Already the police are being forced to get into bed with their counterparts in Suffolk but their motivation is driven by a strangling of budgets to the point where you’ll have to decide whether you want what’s left of our policemen to investigate piffling things like car theft or tackle internet porn and fraud…..we can’t expect both crimes to be solved any more. The way the Wanglia project is being sold to our naive county council bigwigs by the Government is by cynically suggesting that there will be untold largesse in the form of new investment once they’ve signed up to the proposals.

Jam tomorrow is, and always will be the mainstay of the way all political regimes control the gullible and it should be obvious to everyone that this particular pot of jam will contain enough wasps to sting us all.