Birthday fundraiser boosts King’s Lynn cancer care

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A Lynn breast cancer survivor raised £615 for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after holding a birthday party with 100 of her family and friends at Reffley Hall during the summer.

Gillian Parr was diagnosed with cancer just within days of her last birthday last July, so this year facing a much happier situation she saw good cause to celebrate and support the work of the Chemotherapy Room at the hospital.

Miss Parr, who has now finished treatment, said: “I wanted to have a party to celebrate. It was a lovely day and I am really pleased to have raised so much money. I would like to thank everyone for their support.”

She added: “The nurses in the Chemotherapy Room work so very hard and I could not have asked for better treatment from them. I wanted to give something back to the future patients.”

Celebrating with 100 guests at Reffley Hall on July 9, Miss Parr asked that instead of giving presents, her guests would donate to the hospital’s Chemotherapy Room and raised hundreds of pounds.

Gillian Parr is pictured with Jeremy Dent and Ruth Overton outside the Chemotherapy Room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Lynn.