Blackborough End’s Stewart runs marathon at 67

Stewart South of Blackborough End at the Dublin Marathon ANL-151111-114128001
Stewart South of Blackborough End at the Dublin Marathon ANL-151111-114128001
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Blackborough End man Stewart South has completed his first marathon at the age of 67 and raised more than £3,000 for charity.

Stewart, who only has one kidney, completed the 26-miler in Dublin in four hours 34 minutes and 15 seconds.

He was cheered-on on the day by his wife Alison, sons Oliver and Joel and Joel’s wife Carly on a race day that turned out to be a grey, drizzly affair but much, much better conditions than the torrential rain and high winds that had beenforecast.

He said: “Everyone was so friendly, spectators and fellow runners alike. It was the hilliest course I’ve ever run.

“Some well-meaning jokers held up a placard at the foot of what has become known as Heartbreak Hill. It said, ‘It’s just a hill – Get over it!’,

“On the back of my running vest I had printed ‘Sign up as an organ donor’, and after about 10 miles a young woman running alongside me called out thet slogan.

“She then informed me that her sister had had a heart transplant a week earlier. I then said I had donated a kidney to my son.

“Top man”, she said and then ran off ahead of me. I’ve now got the marathon medal and, as they say, I’ve got the T-shirt. And, overwhelmingly, I have received over £3,000 in sponsorship.

“A huge thank you to all of you who have supported me.”

Money raised will go to the Kidney Transplant Unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

He said: “This is the hospital where I donated a kidney to our younger son Joel in 1999, following his acute kidney failure.

“Also, Addenbrooke’s was where our other son Oliver had a kidney transplant in 2002, from an anonymous donor.”