Bomb brought into Hunstanton Police Station

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Police have put out a warning after a member of the public brought a Second World War bomb into a station.

A sleepy Sunday afternoon at Hunstanton Police Station, in Homefield Road could have been explosive, after a concerned resident brought in the bomb.

Luckily the bomb was found to be inert.

Officers stated on Twitter on Sunday afternoon: “Top tip....if you find anything you think is explosive, call us, don’t move it, don’t touch it and DON’T bring it to the police station!!!”

This was soon followed by “Luckily it wasn’t dangerous but let us assess first! #andrelax”

This warning was been echoed in a statement released by police earlier.

A police spokesman said; “A member of the public arrived at Hunstanton Police Station yesterday afternoon (Sunday 18 May) with a Second World War ordinance object he thought might be explosive but was found to be inert.

“We would like to remind the public that if they do encounter any objects of this kind to leave it alone and call the police immediately on 101 to allow officers to take the appropriate steps to deal with it.”

Second World War bombs have been uncovered in West Norfolk.

In 2013 Sonny Cater found an 11lb bomb head during a family walk at Leziate Common. An RAF Bomb Disposal unit was called out.