Brancaster Primary School goes the extra mile for their students’ fitness

Pupils at Brancaster Primary School completing the Daily Mile. ANL-160713-135407001
Pupils at Brancaster Primary School completing the Daily Mile. ANL-160713-135407001

Pupils at Brancaster Primary School have been taking part in a challenge to walk or run a mile each day.

The children who have been completing The Daily Mile have seen the benefits since they started a month ago, teachers say.

Teacher Karen Tidd said: “It certainly seems to be working, the children are more focused.”

Mrs Tidd has been trialling the initiative with her class of 18 four to seven-year-olds, and said that all of the children’s parents are on board with the scheme.

The Daily Mile was set up by a headmistresss in Scotland in March 2012 when she realised that a lot of her pupils were unfit.

Elaine Wyllie, of St Ninian’s Primary School in Stirling, started taking her students outside to run on the school field for just 15 minutes a day to increase their fitness and concentration.

Since then, many schools around the UK, and the world, even, have taken on the idea also – in November last year, the Scottish Government endorsed The Daily Mile for all primary schools.

Mrs Tidd said that one of the first things the group do in the morning is complete their mile of exercise for 15 minutes.

She said: ““We do it as soon as we have done the register so that we don’t lose any teaching time.

“Some of them run, some of them walk, we just go around the field as many times as we can in 15 minutes.

“The children all look forward to doing it – the real athletes in the class easily do a mile every day.”

Mrs Tidd said that the class are not stopped by the weather in their health and fitness quest.

She said: “If the weather isn’t good enough to go outside, we move the tables and do laps in the classroom.”

The scheme also fits in with a healthy eating programme that the school has implemented.

Children are encouraged to eat fruit at break times and can win a prize at the end of term for their healthy activities inside and outside of school.

Benefits of The Daily Mile are said to include: better engagement with the outdoors, confidence building and social interaction.

It is also claimed that within 4 weeks, children become fit.