BREAKING NEWS - Election candidate announces judicial review plan for King’s Lynn road decision

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A general election candidate has this afternoon revealed plans that could trigger a legal challenge to councillors’ decision to grant planning permission for a new road in North Lynn.

Members of West Norfolk Council’s planning committee voted 10 to four in favour of the route between Edward Benefer Way and Lynnsport during a special meeting on Friday.

But objectors have called for the decision to be reviewed, claiming vice-chairman Mick Peake should not have taken part in the vote as he did not go on the site visit called mid-way through the meeting.

So far, the borough council has said it is satisfied that the vote was conducted properly, though opponents believe Mr Peake’s involvement may leave the authority open to legal challenge.

Now, Jo Rust, Labour’s candidate for the North West Norfolk constituency, says she plans to call on the constituency party’s executive to hold a special meeting to consider seeking a judicial review of the decision.

She said she will write to party chairman, borough councillor Charles Joyce, in the next couple of days and hopes that a meeting will take place soon.

She added: “We in the Labour Party are not prepared to leave the people in that area undefended if we have a legal avenue to stop the decision or at least postpone it.”

Objectors have six weeks from the day of the decision to lodge a challenge to it, though Mrs Rust said she hoped a meeting to determine whether a challenge should be made will happen before polling day on May 7.

The row comes after the initial approval of the road scheme last month had to be halted after it was found that the council had not given objectors the amount of time they were entitled to to make their case against the scheme at the original committee meeting.