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British Airways and passengers’ experience with compensation claims

British Airways is a full-service airline that is known to be the carrier of the United Kingdom. Their headquarters is located in the heart of Great Britain – London. There are not only domestic but also many other international destinations worldwide. The history of British Airways is simply fascinating: it has been operating for many years and has never stopped its development. Their popularity comes from organising many services, providing lounge zones and, of course, bringing an amazing level of support.

British Airways is the airline company that knows almost every traveller in the world. It offers many important privileges to those who want to travel with chic: premium cabins, exclusive lounges, and luxurious business markets.

Even though there are many positive moments, all travellers can encounter difficulties during their trip. In such cases, compensation from the airline is necessary. British Airlines has a strict policy regarding this process and acts according to the set principles. The company understands how important it is to save positive emotions from the next trip. With this, the compensation process is clear and understandable for all sides.


Understanding Compensation Claims

Compensation is an integral part of any business, as it is a way of covering the client's time or financial losses. Regarding the airline business, compensations are the means of apologising and making up to the passengers. You must apply for it if you were caused any inconveniences or experienced any disruption. It includes such instances:

- Flight delay

- Overbooking

- Lost baggage

- Mishandled baggage

- Denied boarding

- A technical error in your booking

- Downgrade in seating

- Cancellation of your flight.

All compensations are controlled by the strict policy of every airline company. According to the European Union, Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, every passenger has rights and is entitled to certain compensations. In other words, you are legally approved to demand your right to compensation in most cases. The rules are created to protect everyone and provide fair rules while travelling. It also secures fairness within the industry.

Analysing Compensation Claim Trends

A statistical analysis of compensation claim data will uncover a more detailed picture of this process. We will compare two periods, 2020 and 2022 years:

- More compensation requests in 2020 due to COVID-19 (+69%)

- Data shows that most requests were aligned with the massive apocalypses in the aviation industry in 2020

- The majority of compensations in 2022 were related to cancelled or overbooked flights (42%).

There are also some specific periods when there are more compensations than ever. For example, during the holidays or peak seasonal times, when overbooking is common. Additionally, many flights got delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, especially in winter.

The main advantages of British Airways over its competitors like easyJet, United Airlines and Lufthansa are:

- More successful cases in solving even the most urgent issues

- All information is easy to understand and can be easily found on the website

- The process of submitting the necessary information takes at most 15 minutes, while other competitors will waste more time completing the form

- The time limit for solving the case is 7 to 13 days (while contestants can take up to 20 days to have a solution).


Passenger Experiences Highlighted by Claims

It is important to know the experience of other travellers when choosing the airline that will carry you to the destination. When it comes to British Airways, the company values the loyalty and belief of their passengers, so the performance is good. The most frequent issues that lead to claiming compensation are:

- Complaints about flight delays, cancellations, or denial of boarding. The airline offers a bigger amount of refund when the inconvenience is more significant. For example, you can be entitled to a bigger amount if the flight is delayed for 5 hours compared to 2-3 hours

- The passengers sometimes report missed or mishandled baggage. It only causes massive inconveniences, so baggage handling must always be at the top level.

British Airways' Response to Compensation Claims

British Airways understands that the massive concern of their passengers drives every compensation claim. These claims are provided under the strict supervision of the management, and the result is always fair. Look how the company handles this process:

1- First, a passenger submits the required information

2- You will need to mention the reason for your claim and present an official proof

3- British Airways looks at the sent documents, verifies and evaluates the possible solution

4- The team will contact you in case of any issues and update you on the result.

British Airways has made several changes and improvements recently to enhance the compensation process:

- Full information is written on the website

- The passengers are asked for a lot of information while completing the form to avoid any miscommunication

- The airline always updates on the case and keeps in touch.

The Role of Compensation in Passenger Satisfaction

Every compensation is a connecting tool between companies and their clients. It builds trust in the future trip and secures everyone. Quick and efficient compensation claims are important and affect the enjoyment of the passengers. For example, there is a lower chance that the client will return if a company denies the right to claim compensation or asks for a long wait.

Compared to other competitors, British Airways is more efficient in resolving compensation claims. For instance, easyJet had a lower number of successful claims than British Airways in 2022 (-12%). It is evident how much the company desires to save mutual trust and loyalty. Also, it is possible to ask for compensation here.



British Airways has more successful cases of resolving compensation claims peacefully. Plus, the company offers a quick and easy way of submitting your claim online, as the form is on the website. However, the airline industry must become even more serious with compensation, as not 100% of passengers get their money back. Sometimes, it takes more than one attempt to get the desired solution. It is important to remember that travellers and their enjoyment must be a priority in this business, thus they must be helped and carried out.

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