Buddy scheme pays dividends at King’s Lynn housing association

Emma Sandercock and Martin Burrell from Freebridge have been taking part in a new scheme
Emma Sandercock and Martin Burrell from Freebridge have been taking part in a new scheme
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A new buddy scheme at Freebridge Community Housing has helped colleagues to share experiences.

People from across the company have been given the opportunity to learn from each other following the introduction of the scheme.

The scheme matches colleagues who do not work alongside each other regularly with a ‘buddy.’ The ‘buddies’ are then encouraged to meet up and share their experience, skills and knowledge about Freebridge through work shadowing, coaching session or meeting up for coffee.

One of the most recent ‘buddying up’ experiences saw Emma Sandercock, a First Contact Centre Advisor shadowing Martin Burrell a Project Surveyor.

Emma was able to gain a greater understanding of the work that is taking place in the community and Martin was given an insight into the range of knowledge that the First Contact Centre team need.

Emma said: “I found the day incredibly useful as I got to see a lot of the homes that we look after for our customers.

“Having the opportunity to leave the office helped me see the sort of work we do all over the area.

“I am really looking forward to Martin spending the day with me, so that he can see how varied our customers’ questions can be and how our knowledge lets us offer the best service possible.”

Michelle Gant, Director of Engagement at Freebridge, is pleased with the scheme.

She said: “We have an incredibly talented, diverse and skilful group of employees who all have something unique to share.

“Working Together is one of our values, so launching the ‘Learn From Each Other’ campaign fitted perfectly with what Freebridge believes in.

“I personally have had the opportunity to learn from one of our plumbers, Livvi Hodges, which has given me an insight into a different area of our business.

“By sharing information about what we do, we are all learning so much from each other, and this greater understanding also helps to improve the service we can give to our customers.”