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King’s Lynn Captain Fawcett’s Richie Finney embarks on hair-raising expedition

The owner of a men’s grooming company in Lynn is visiting barbershops across Europe on a motorbike.

Richie Finney, owner of Captatin Fawcett’s, set off on his great expedition on Sunday, May 7, embarking on three sections of a journey to be completed by October.

Covering some 10,000 miles across 24 countries, the one man on two wheels seeks to connect with silmilar businesses in person.

Richie Finney, Captain Fawcett's owner at the Mayor's Business Awards
Richie Finney, Captain Fawcett's owner at the Mayor's Business Awards

Host barbershops will invite customers to an event showcasing the brand by Mr Finney, who through anecodtes will be highlighting the best of Bristish gentlemen’s grooming,

Attendees will have the chance to meet the man behind the business, where he will share inspirational personal stories about how a humble kitchen experiment became an iconic global brand.

The road trip aims to connect with barbers, clients, distributors and stockists, who in turn will gain local, national and international exposure though Captain Fawcett’s social media, newsletters and special features on the website.

Mr Finney said: "From somewhat humble beginnings in 2010, Captain Fawcett has become an international lifestyle brand, exported to 38 countries with distribution agreements in over 27.

“As well as winning multiple global awards, we have affiliations with some of the industry's most celebrated global brand ambassadors. In fact, for four years running, Captain Fawcett has been recognised as a DBT British Export Champion.

“I have always been a great believer in the importance of real life connection, enormously curious about the world and its people.

“Which is fortunate because I’ve learned that in-country knowledge is really crucial when building relationships in overseas markets.

“Furthermore, whilst AI may well be fiendishly clever, it cannot replicate the sheer spontaneous joy of simply being human.

“By its very nature, the traditional barbershop experience is hands-on.

“As well as sprucing up one’s appearance, having a delightfully relaxing shave or haircut, the barbershop environment is all about having a chat, a laugh, a drink, a hug, a handshake.

“It is about the sensual things, the scent of perfume, a head massage, a luxurious close shave.

“These tangible moments of connection combat isolation and celebrate togetherness.

“They are the stuff of life.

“We have created a fantastic itinerary of barbershop gatherings, meeting highly esteemed colleagues old and new.

“I’m enormously excited to be out on the road again seeing chums face-to-face, in real life as it should be.


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