Battle to change plans for South Wootton Post Office move goes on

Fight goes on to change plans for new home of South Wootton post office
Fight goes on to change plans for new home of South Wootton post office
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A campaign has begun to move South Wootton post office to a North Wootton hairdressers rather than a Gaywood convenience store.

South Wootton, North Wootton and Castle Rising parish council have written jointly to the Post Office to say Talking Heads ,in St Augustines Way, or Asda, in Langley Road, is preferable to Grange Stores, in Dawnay Avenue, as a replacement for the Nursery Lane facility.

A Post Office spokesman said: “The public keep asking if the Post Office can relocate to Asda. We have approached the company and they did not complete an application form to even be considered.

“We can only consider premises that meet certain access criteria to fulfil Government guidelines and the proposed premises has improved accessibility.”

The parish councils fear that Dawnay Avenue, in the Grange Estate, does not have sufficient parking, is not on a bus route and is located at a busy junction.

The Post Office has said Talking Heads does not meet Government guidelines because it is a mile from the existing post office by road, but owner Jo Wright is willing to take on the responsibility.

The parish councils argue Talking Heads is a similar walking distance to Grange Stores and is close to the old North Wootton post office, which shut along with Castle Rising in a raft of closures.

David Price, South Wootton Parish Council chairman, urged people to lodge their objections to the Grange Stores proposal.

He said: “We have been told that on at least 200 occasions the Post Office has changed its mind after a consultation exercise.

“There is hope, but it is up to people to make as much fuss as they can. The more people that get their objections in the better chance we have.”

Gordon Bracey, of Dawnay Avenue, said he and a number of his neighbours do not want to see the post office move into Grange Stores either.

He said: “Several people are opposed to the Post Office being down at the shop because of traffic problems.

“It would generate extra traffic and the Grange Estate is already a rat-run for business vehicles.

Jo Wright, of Talking Heads, said: “I think we’re in a central part of the village here. I’m keen to pursue it.”

As previously reported in the Lynn News, Peter Lee, 65, the existing subpostmaster for South Wootton, is planning to retire.

The Post Office had hoped to move services to Grange Stores in June.

The Grange Stores facility would have a screened counter opne 9am-5.30pm Monday to Saturday, whereas the existing facility, in Nursery Lane, is closed Saturday afternoons, though it has two screened counters. Some Post Office services would also be provided at the shop’s checkouts.

The Post Office has extended the consultation period on its plans to Thursday, May 1 and has already had a “high level” of response. Submissions can be sent to: FREEPOST Your Comments (no further address required), by email:, text 08457 22 33 55 or phone 08457 22 33 44.