Body cameras make first step on police beat

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Police news
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The first set of body cameras to be used by police 
officers in Norfolk have gone into service.

Traffic officers, as well as members of the force’s firearms, dog handling and licensing units, were issued with the new equipment this year.

And senior officers say they expect that all officers around the county will be using them by the end of this year.

The initiative, which is being jointly funded with the Suffolk force, is intended to provide greater accountability for officers, as well as the potential to provide evidence against offenders.

Chief superintendant Mike Fawcett, of Norfolk Police, said: “This is a huge step forward for policing in Norfolk and we anticipate it will have a positive impact in making the county safer.

“Officers using the devices will have the capacity to capture evidence of criminal activity and, not only this; it has also been proven that people are less likely to offend when they know they are being filmed.

“This is the future of policing so we have invested in a high quality, easy-to-use product in order to provide the best possible service to the people of Norfolk.”

Norfolk police and crime commissioner Lorne Green said he had delivered on his election pledge and the project was “a crucial joint investment” in the fight against crime.

He added: “The cameras will provide greater safety for officers, improve transparency over our officers’ interactions with the public, providing community reassurance and building confidence.

“If they’ve been caught on camera, it is more likely perpetrators will take responsibility for their actions.

“Use of body worn video has also been shown to speed up justice for victims of crime and reduce complaints very substantially.

“Our officers must have the right technology they need to fight the crime types affecting Norfolk today and I aim to ensure such technology is delivered.”

The cameras have been supplied by American firm Reveal Media.

A demonstratook place during a public forum meeting hosted by the commissioner in Lynn in January.