Building something new needs a firm foundation

Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
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However you voted in the European referendum, and whatever your opinion is on its outcome, the fact is that we need to build something new.

It won’t be easy because the building site is on some shifting sands and the estimates and budget forecasts keep changing.

Whilst the politicians sort out the personnel and projections it would seem to me to make sense for the workers to get on with sorting out those shifting sands to ensure that the foundations are firm.

Because underpinning everything about our future is business. There will be new rules, new challenges and new opportunities but it’s business that will deliver the momentum to drive us forward.

For that to happen, business leaders face two key tasks.

Firstly they must make the business case to Government for the support that’s needed. Here in West Norfolk we have vast potential, but we need the right tools to deliver it.

Secondly they must restore calm to a concerned workforce, who must be enthused and informed about the company’s direction and opportunities.

With that comes a simultaneous duty.

Here in West Norfolk our workforce is cosmopoltan, and just now people are confused about their rights and futures.

What’s more, the issue of immigration is in sharp focus, often leading to sharp words.

Business leaders need to be asking Government for clear guidance on rights. And they need to be very clear themselves that any form of racism within the company will not be tolerated.

I’ve written recently for instance about the use of social media. A racist Tweet or posting from an employee is of course unacceptable; it will also find its way back to you and your company and harm you. A definitive policy is essential. Don’t do it.

What we can do is demand from our Government that they provide the tools. We can inform and engage our workforce so that they start digging.

Because businesses can lay that firm foundation on which commerce can place the building blocks of our future.