Burnham Norton’s Norfolk Saffron celebrates being top of the crops

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Norfolk Saffron, based at Burnham Norton, is celebrating another successful harvest this year which proves it is top of the crops.

Dr Sally Francis, who runs the business, said: “Our 2016 crop results are now in and I’m very proud to say that we have, again, exceeded the threshold for the highest international saffron grade. This year’s colouring strength is 281 units and it means Norfolk Saffron is world-class.”

She has also been busy since autumn last year building a shepherd’s hut which houses the UK’s only museum dedicated to saffron.

She is opening it a pop-up museum on special open days throughout the year and for group parties so visitors can learn about saffron’s fascinating history, as well as its forgotten story in Norfolk.

Special opening days are being held on Saturday, December 10, 2-5pm, and Sunday, December 11, from 10am-1pm.