Businesses should embrace passion and stand out

Nwes business advisor Harry Harris
Nwes business advisor Harry Harris

I was at a TEDtalk in Norwich recently. For those who have never heard of TEDtalks – it’s worth a Google. We heard the stories and adventures of those in and around the education system.

We heard from those that had been through ordeals in their personal life, to those that had been able to make a real difference in the life of others, but they all had one thing in common – passion!

I have worked with many small businesses, both in a professional and social environment. Believe me when I say, it is those who have unbridled passion who live long in the memory. I am not talking about those who are trying to tell you how great their business is, but those who have a deep-rooted commitment to their customers, their families and themselves. Now that is an awful lot easier when you are making a difference to people’s lives on a social or educational basis. However, I have also witnessed it in small businesses who have a real desire to serve their customers, to give them a product or service which fills them with a sense of pride in the difference they have made.

Business, like life, is an adventure. Small businesses are particularly prone to “adventures”. Like a small boat on a mighty ocean, they can be tossed around but remember, many of those large businesses you hear about today started just as small. They survived – a mixture of skill, commitment, endurance and serendipity played a part. Just like sometimes, when you look back on childhood and wondered how you survived many of the things you did, that is how many businesses reflect on their past.

But I would be surprised if any of them would have made it without the core purpose, and the passion that purpose provides. Just like life, business should be done with passion – embrace it; it’s a big part of what makes you stand out.

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