Creake Abbey to home Utopia

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Creake Abbey will provide a perfect haven for passionate artisans following the opening of Utopia – a brand new gallery of unique interiors and objects.

Utopia – The Unexpected Gallery will join the courtyard shops, where shoppers will be able to embrace their own utopia by creating poetry between unexpected objects and materials.

Their craftsmen are passionate about creating a gallery of exclusive atmospheric pieces that celebrate well-worn antiques and intriguing finds for the home or business.

Creative Director, multi-award winning artist and designer, Jac Scott, said: “I have a clear vision of Utopia, and design every product to evoke a sense of wonder and delight by creating a poetic intrigue between unexpected objects.

“Aesthetically, there is a sense of nostalgia and romance underpinning the faded palette and worn textures. Antique and vintage objects are transformed through beautiful craftsmanship and good design, to create products that will last, both materially and aesthetically as fashions change.”

Items include statement floor and table lamps, quirky pendants and chandeliers, plus limited-edition lampshades. There will also be a collection of antique mirrors and unusual framed artefacts, original sculpture and limited-edition art prints.

Utopia accepts commissions from private and corporate clients, ranging from creating bespoke lights and designing blinds to complement their shades, to styling photographic shoots and merchandising stock for retailers.

Utopia believes in supporting British design and manufacture, and their team of expert craftsmen are all based in the UK.

Jac said: “So, if you have an exciting idea and would like to work with our dynamic team, then please visit them at the gallery or online”