Devolution team told to be more ambitious

George Nobbs (leader of County Council) ENGANL00120131028141226
George Nobbs (leader of County Council) ENGANL00120131028141226
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Leader of West Norfolk Council says there is likely to be closer co-operation with neighbouring authorities in the future.

Nick Daubney and the team working on the Norfolk and Suffolk proposal have been told to be more “ambitious” during a meeting with communities secretary Greg Clark in a meeting on Monday.

The team will be putting together headline proposals to be submitted to the Government within the next six weeks.

Mr Daubney said: “Secretary of State Clark made it pretty clear that the Government were looking for something more ambitious and would like to see an eastern region made up of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

“We are to understand that the rewards available are going to be much greater should it be a bigger submission to Government.

“In the eastern region we are a highly productive area. This would build on something which is already a success story.”

Mr Daubney also said he was looking to the future needs of West Norfolk such as housing, transport and jobs.

He also added that there could be closer relationship between West Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough as so much is shared between the areas , such as customers and jobs.

Mr Daubney said: “I think it is likely to happen that there will be closer co-operation with towns like Wisbech and cities like Peterborough.

“The links already exist but being part of a bigger authority would really give us strength.

“We have a lot to offer in terms of skills and industry and specially resort facilities.

“We have enterprise zones that they haven’t got in Peterborough.

“There is a lot we can gain out of this by closer co-operation.”

Earlier this week, Norfolk County Council leader George Nobbs said a devolution deal would bring about improved road and rail links.

He said that the East of England region has been paying into the exchequer much more than anyone but has received less.