East Winch security firm appoints expert dog handler to head up dog section team

Professional dog handller Daryly Jones and his canine partner, Charlie. ANL-160311-093420001
Professional dog handller Daryly Jones and his canine partner, Charlie. ANL-160311-093420001
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Experienced dog handler Daryl Jones has returned to an East Winch-based security company to head up its dog section team.

Daryl, who lives in the Lynn area, has been newly appointed as the dog section manager for Aries Security Services, which has its offices in Town Close.

He has a team of dog handlers who operate all over the UK and is looking to expand the section in future.

One of his team is his brother, Marc Jones, who is also a professional dog handler, and bred Daryl’s canine partner, Charlie, a three-year-old pure black German Shepherd Dog.

Said Daryl: “A German Shepherd Dog can do the work of about five men.

“Having a canine for your colleague has many benefits as the dog can often diffuse conflict and resolve situations peacefully which could normally escalate if dealt with solely by humans, they are an excellent deterrent and can see and hear many things that we cannot.

“They are also great company on long shifts.

“A dog can play many different roles in security from guarding premises, detaining intruders, tracking runaway intruders, locating missing or injured people, crowd control and unruly gatherings and peace keeping.

“They can be useful anywhere such as farms, festivals, empty premises and perimeters.”

Daryl has been a dog handler for ten years and during that time, has gained British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT) and National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) level two qualifications.

Said Daryl: “Along my way, I intend to gain my NASDU level 3 to improve my skills further and therefore benefit Aries.

“I shall be working alongside Mr Denny Underwood, MD of Aries as we go back a long way and Aries was one of the first security companies I worked for many years ago. My aim is to build up at Aries a reliable, professional, committed and valued dog section that is second to none.

“We will be providing many services, including guarding, repossessions and festivals to name but a few.”

Daryl has been a trained dog handler for ten years, having started his career as a static security guard to gain experience of the security sector.

He then moved on to door supervision to learn about the licensing laws and improve his knowledge of alcohol and drugs awareness.

He said: “My work took me to many areas, as it still does as a dog handler. I learned that being a dog handler is a fulfilling and rewarding career.

“The bond between you and your dog is very much the same as your best friend, you would both risk your life for each other.”

Aries Services can be contacted on 0800 2980186 and its website address is www. www.aries-services.co.uk

Anyone wanting to contact Daryl can send an email to daryl@aries-services.co.uk