Every vote counts so make sure you cast them

Jonathan Cage, President of Norfolk Chamber
Jonathan Cage, President of Norfolk Chamber

We don’t currently seem to be able to get away from politics at the moment, with the local elections only recently being finished and now the general election very quickly approaching.

All this after Brexit basically taking the majority of the headlines for the last 12 months. Is this all too much?

The problem is that normal everyday people have lives to live, businesses to run and jobs to do. When you get home in the evening after a hard day at work or school or college most people like to kick back, take it easy and relax. We don’t necessarily want to be confronted with daily news about political partyies’ claims. With this in mind there is a real risk that you will end up with party politics fatigue and effectively find ways of trying to cut out the political noise which is all around you.

The problem is if we all do this, then we end up with some really strange political decisions. Brexit and Trump just to name a few.

As part of the role as President of Norfolk Chamber, one has to take a publically neutral stance when it comes to party politics.

The Chamber, throughout the election period, is highlighting what each party’s manifesto is likely to mean for businesses and their members, and I advise if you are not sure and want impartial advice to have a look at our website. The central policy team of the British Chamber of Commerce work tirelessly on our behalf, regularly challenging politicians and trying to find out what they are really offering and how much we can rely on pre-election pledges.

Whilst I have to stay neutral publicly, I will be voting on June 8. I believe it is essential that as many people vote as possible. Don’t assume that somebody else will make the decision for you and your vote won’t count because every vote does count. We may all have something else to talk about by the end of June, fingers crossed.