Fakenham glass business launches new range of forever keepsakes

Managing Director of Langham Glass Jonathan Miller pictured with some of their new products
Managing Director of Langham Glass Jonathan Miller pictured with some of their new products

Langham Glass at Fakenham has launched a new range in response to requests from people wishing to remember a loved one by having cremated ashes incorporated into handmade glass or jewellery.

Forever into Glass offers people the opportunity of having a person’s or a pet’s ashes set into glass objects or sterling silver jewellery as personal keepsakes.

Managing director Jonathan Miller said Langham Glass had periodically carried out the service for years, but decided to concentrate on the range due to demand and the reputation the business had built for creating these unique products.

He said: “We have had very positive feedback from people who have said how comforting they find the objects, which are tactile and something they can keep close by.

“For each piece we ask for a small amount of ashes, perhaps a teaspoonful, and anything not used is returned. They are treated with the utmost respect. The ashes are then incorporated into whatever piece of glass or jewellery someone has chosen.”

People can choose the colour of their object and the molten glass is then layered encapsulating the ashes within the glass. The glass is sculpted or blown, depending on the wishes of the client.

In glass there are two different styles of paperweights, a bowl which holds a large tea light and a small pebble that can be held in the palm of a hand. “The pebble is tactile and can be of a size that would fit into a gentleman’s trouser pocket or a lady’s handbag, if they choose to carry something personal with them, but not necessarily on display,” said Jonathan.

Jewellery items include lockets, pendants, earrings, rings, cuff links, a cross-style necklace and a bracelet, which can all be set with a small glass jewel incorporating the ashes.

Prices range from £75 for a pebble to £225 each for the bracelet and cuff links. Private viewings are also available where people can go along and watch the items being handcrafted.

“Some people like to talk to the glass maker, others prefer to simply sit and watch in silence,” said Jonathan. Private viewings cost an additional £30.

All the glass objects are signed by the master glassmaker and the jewellery is hallmarked.