Friends launch new drones business Skyz The Limit at Dersingham

Skyz The Limit new business at Dersingham'Mark Osborne and Kris Colston ANL-160129-194505009
Skyz The Limit new business at Dersingham'Mark Osborne and Kris Colston ANL-160129-194505009
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Two friends from Dersingham have joined forces to launch a new aerial filming and photography business using drones.

Skyz The Limit is the company set up by Kris Colston, of Stanton Road, and Mark Osborne, of Ling House Road, who are both retained firefighters for the Sandringham brigade.

Kris, who is a self-employed landscape gardener, and Mark, who works in the agricultural industry, are both fully qualified pilots and have Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) certificates from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Said Kris: “We have just started out and are working with local estate agents who are marketing properties. Using the drones we are able to give clients a completely different perspective. For example, if it’s a big country house on a large estate, an aerial shot can show off the property at its best from angles that people would not normally be able to see.

“It’s not just stills we can provide – we can do a virtual tour of the property in 4K (ultra high definition) video which can be used on the agent’s website.

“We are also looking at doing promotional work for companies who want to advertise their products. We can film them from different angles and make them look even more interesting.

“Drones can be used for surveying rooftops, for example, and cut the cost of paying for scaffolding and also reduce the amount of time needed to do the job. It’s possible to watch a live stream video on a ground monitor as the drone flies over to check for damage.

“Wind turbines are another area of our market, and although there are plenty in Norfolk we may go further afield. Eventually we want to be able to offer our services offshore too. At the moment the only way they can be inspected is by a person climbing up and working at height, so it’s a risk which can be eliminated by the use of a drone.”

Drones could also be used to assist with the installation of solar panels, for both domestic and commercial premises, and can be used to inspect the panels on a solar farm. “We can even map out a GPS route so the drones can fly over a large number of panels to monitor them and check for any damage. Eventually we are also aiming to introduce thermal imaging which will help to detect any problems,” said Kris.

Laws governing the use of drones are very strict, said Kris, and those using them have to ensure they have the required licensing and insurance. It’s always essential that permission is given by landowners to allow drones to be flown over their property.

Skyz The Limit can be contacted on 07738061643, 07767270351, 01485 540460. Emails can be sent to Visit the website