Giant cargo arrives at Port of Lynn

The gas turbine is being unloaded at Port of Lynn.
The gas turbine is being unloaded at Port of Lynn.
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The Port of Lynn successfully took delivery last week of a 300-tonne gas turbine, one of the heaviest cargoes to be handled as part of the project to repower Centrica’s power station.

Arriving aboard the general cargo vessel MV Eastern Vanquish, the new Siemens gas turbine reached Lynn power station via ABP’s port, instead of having to travel by road.

Due to the port’s close proximity to the power station site it enables a natural flow of goods from incoming vessels to their ultimate destination, minimising the distance travelled by cargo and reducing transport costs. In this case it has also massively reduced congestion on the region’s roads by ensuring the delivery by sea is as close to the final destination as possible.

Once complete, Centrica’s power station at Lynn will be capable of producing enough power to meet the needs of around 370,000 households, representing almost all homes in Norfolk.

Andrew Harston, short sea ports director, said: “We are grateful for the chance to support Centrica in this project, which will bring power and prosperity to Norfolk. In addition, we hope that by providing a more efficient delivery route for cargo, we are helping to minimise the overall carbon footprint of operations and the impact on the roads in West Norfolk.”

“Cutting the distance travelled by cargo also helps to reduce the disturbance to local communities by minimising the impact on roads.”

This delivery is the latest in a series of heavy cargo operations handled by the Port of Lynn in the past years, including two 110-tonne heat exchangers for Centrica, which arrived in December 2017.