Group BID to prepare businesses for vote in King’s Lynn

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Businesses across Lynn are being called on to attend the BID Steering Group meeting next week to find out all they need to know to be prepared for October’s vote.

The open meeting will give business owners the chance to ask any questions directly to the BID Steering Group about the proposals for launching a Business Improvement District for the town.

Darren Taylor, managing director of KL.FM and vice-chair of the BID Steering Group said: “We want as many businesses to come along as possible, they can meet the steering group and talk to us about any problems they might have before the vote on October 11.”

He added: “Lynn is one of the few towns of this size that doesn’t have a BID and it does bring a lot of positivity to other towns.

“We will concentrate on selling the town to day trippers and visitors by really cleaning the area up and pushing the heritage side. This is something we are all really passionate about.”

The Business Improvement District vision is described as: “To create a vibrant town we can all be proud of, where businesses prosper, our communities thrive and for visitors a true destination of choice.”

The BID will create an extra levy that all businesses across the town centre will be asked to pay but this money will be spent on improving trading conditions within the town as voted by the board of directors which will be set up.

Mr Taylor said: “It’s really exciting that businesses will have a say in what we focus on improving.”

Potential focuses for the board will include better marketing for the town, support for promotions for the town, parking promotions and better signage to encourage more people to visit the town centre.

The group state on their website: “The whole experience of visiting Lynn needs to be transformed to attract more people and then to encourage them to stay for longer.

“To do this we have to change the emphasis from ‘shopping’ to ‘experience’. In that way we can offer new business opportunities and increase the spend of our visitors.

Mr Taylor said: “We tried for a vote a couple of years ago and had the majority yes from businesses, but we just missed out on the second yes of unrateable value.”

The ballot in spring 2014 saw a ‘no’ vote by businesses in the town centre – despite 54 per cent of votes cast saying ‘yes’ with 52 per cent of the total rateable value being against.

This time, Mr Taylor and the rest of the steeering group are doing everything they can to ensure the vote goes through, including holding an open meeting on Wednesday at the Duke’s Head Hotel, 12.30-1.30pm.

All local businesses are invited to join the meeting where the steering group will be on hand to answer any questions about the Business Improvement District before voting.

Mr Taylor said: “Voting will open on the BID on October 11th so this is a great opportunity for businesses to find out all about the project before the ballot papers arrive.”

Businesses will be sent out all the correct paperwork ahead of voting opening on October 11, it will run for four weeks.

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