‘Hunstanton’s industrial bins must go’, councillors say

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“We deserve better.”
That’s the message from councillors in Hunstanton in a row over newly-sited bins in the town and concerns over a major heritage project.

Former town mayor James Johnston told the town council last Friday he thought relations between the town and borough councils had improved in recent times.

But he said the recently installed bins on the promenade were better suited to an industrial estate and created a bad impression for visitors to the resort.

He added: “What’s worse is they’re not even new. We don’t want them and they must be removed immediately.”

He suggested the borough council could take an example from towns and cities in Europe, which use bins on top of underground storage areas.

The criticism was backed by Mick Large, who said: “I have been on the seafront 40 years.

“Kids can’t reach the bins. They’re disgusting. They’re from the back of Tesco’s. They don’t want them. What is the way forward?”

And Wendy Croucher said they would not encourage people to use them.

Members agreed unanimously to demand the bins are replaced.

Mr Johnston also called for a list of areas around the town that need improvement from either borough or county highway officials to be drawn up and officers to be brought to the resort to be shown the sites of concern.

He added: “Otherwise give us back our town and we will do it ourselves. We deserve better.”

There was also criticism of the perceived lack of progress made on the £1.3 million heritage gardens project.

Richard Bird said he would be meeting senior borough figures in the coming weeks to discuss the concerns that had been raised about the scheme.

He added that he had seen a report which conceded there had been “trouble” with the contractors, but he suggested the plans had been “prepared on the back of a fag packet”.

Andrew Murray asked: “Should an inquiry be held into what went wrong?”

And Geoffrey Smith said: “I can’t for the life of me see why they started the job and didn’t finish it.

“The builders seem to have let the various organisations down very badly.”

Questions were also raised over whether the Heritage Lottery Fund had been made aware of the problems and had raised concerns about the grant it had provided for the scheme.