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How a fracking tower would look at Anmer ANL-160330-104627001
How a fracking tower would look at Anmer ANL-160330-104627001
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Fracking could soon start on the Sandringham Estate, close to the village which is home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Alarmed residents in Anmer have already expressed dismay at the prospect, although no formal planning applications have been submitted yet.

The villagers are unhappy about the potential increase in levels of heavy traffic passing through their villages, pollution and noise in what has been a peaceful rural area.

There is also widespread concern over the impact that this work will have on the local environment and the wildlife in the area.

There is even speculation that fears over the fracking may be behind reports in the national press that Prince William and Kate are considering moving back down to London with children George and Charlotte away from their rural retreat at Anmer Hall.

Fracking is the process of blasting water on shale deep underground to release oil, which is then pumped to the surface.

Commodore Peter Harris, of the Anmer Mere Yacht Club, whose headquarters is based in the Anmer Social Club, said: “Of particular concern to our members is that fracking will use copious amounts of water and could cause the level in the village pond, known as the Mere, to fall so significantly as to make it impossible for sailing.”

He added that there is also great potential risk of damage to the recently discovered subterranean remains of the former canal built by the Romans to link their settlement at Fring docks to the sea at Heacham harbour.

“This discovery is of huge archaeological importance as it is thought to be the only one of its kind in the British Isles and should be protected for future generations,” he said.

Yacht club member April Strethif said: “Members have been trying to contact the firm involved and the plans for a start date but is passed from one department to another without getting any information. It’s like sailing into the wind.”

A meeting has been called in the Anmer Social club at noon today (April 1) to discuss forming an action group.

Anyone wishing to express an opinion or who wishes to have further information on the campaign can email the following address: