Invest in youth of tomorrow

West Norfolk business leadership need to look to the future

I’ve also said that we have to be careful of the ‘virtuous circle’ - because we don’t want to run round in circles, we need to go forward if we’re going to grow; as businesses and as a region.

In this region we’ve developed new products, new markets and new processes, and they have been the signifiers of innovation and change, until now. Because, for the future, it’s going to be about changing the culture of companies.

We’re familiar now with technological change. We know that businesses that don’t buy into the newer technologies will be left behind. It’s as simple as that.

But we have to, now, address cultural change. And that means being aware of, and positively embracing, the potential in our young people.

West Norfolk offers an exciting range of educational opportunities. Our schools have an ‘improving attainment ‘programme, creating initiatives to prepare young people for the world of work.

And when they enter the workplace they will not only be enthused, but they will bring their values with them. Values that will, for example, embrace environmental and diversity policies as a given.

Of course the future will hold never changing aspects of commerce that the best of the new generations will be receptive in learning from the best of the current leaders.

But West Norfolk will also continue to find new markets, and new ways of reaching them. We will continue to build on our heritage of discovering new manufacturing methods, and be ready to satisfy demands for products and services not yet imagined, but that our young people will deliver.

It will be their world. We’re doing great work here to make our young people ready to take it and shape it. Right now what we must do is make sure our business leaders are ready to implement the cultural changes necessary to allow that to happen; to be the bridge between West Norfolk’s past achievements, current success and its future possibilities.