King’s Lynn employee chosen to represent Morrisons in 40-second film

Marion Reeves-Cockwill in Morrisons advert ANL-160816-095128001
Marion Reeves-Cockwill in Morrisons advert ANL-160816-095128001

A 47-year-old woman from North Lynn is the star of a supermarket advert which has been a small screen feature since the middle of July.

Marion Cockwill, who works as counters manager at the Morrisons store in Fakenham, was chosen to be the friendly face of the ad after she submitted an audition video.

She said: “I didn’t expect to be picked, but I thought I’m still going to send a video in anyway.”

Marion has worked for the company for 13 years and has previously been based at the Lynn and Wisbech stores before moving to the Fakenham supermarket three years ago.

She explained that as a member of the Morrisons colleague Facebook page she saw a request for workers interested in appearing in an advert to submit a video of themselves to be in with a chance.

The video was submitted in May, and the mum-of-two heard back that she had been chosen a week-and-a-half before the filming of the advert.

She added: “I got a reply from them saying that the director liked my enthusiasm and I had been chosen.”

From there, Marion was invited to the Camden branch of the supermarket where the advert was filmed on Sunday, July 3 after the the shop was shut for the day.

The 40-second video, the strapline of which is Imagination, shows two children eating apple pie with their parents at home, and then goes back in time to show the moment when the family bought the dessert from Marion at the shop’s counter.

Marion said: “My colleagues think it’s wonderful. They say ‘I know you and you are on the telly!’ They tell me they are really proud of me, especially the Fakenham store manager Simon Libovitz. ”

She added that since the ad has been aired, she has had customers ask if it was indeed her who was the star of the short film.

Marion said that she did receive a star treatment for her trip to London, and was happy to be put up in a hotel overnight and be given a make-up session prior to filming.

She added that friends have been surprised to see her on the TV and some have not realised it was her.

“I’m just a normal person so I wasn’t expecting to be picked, and my friends and family have all said ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you’re on the TV!’”, Marion said.

You can find Marion’s advert appearance on YouTube by searching: Bramley Apple Pie Freshly Baked on Market Street.