King’s Lynn fitness trainer sees surge in business

Oliver Roberts who runs a company called Natural Perspectives, he is pictured in the Walks King's Lynn ANL-150406-151601009
Oliver Roberts who runs a company called Natural Perspectives, he is pictured in the Walks King's Lynn ANL-150406-151601009
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Managing director of an active outdoor lifestyles company, Oliver Roberts, from Lynn, is seeing a surge in business as more people become switched on to taking care of their health and fitness.

Oliver, of Extons Road, a former KES pupil, set up his company, Natural Perpectives, after qualifying as a personal trainer in 2008.

His aim is to educate people on how to achieve balance in their training without the use of a gym and to promote the link between outdoor exercise and mental health.

Now working in collaboration with activity holiday specialists Neilson Holidays, he runs training sessions at their beach clubs in Greece and Turkey.

Said Oliver, who is now working in Lynn running his company, said: “I wasn’t sporty when I was in Lynn growing up, but later in life I enjoyed running and wanted to understand more about the benefits of exercise.

“I have noticed a change in people’s attitude towards exercise. All you hear of nowadays is how inactive as a nation we are, but this simply isn’t true everywhere.

“And I believe in Lynn this is down to the Walks’ Park Runs and the successful ten years of GEAR.

“I was walking through the Walks the other day and a senior, fitter than me, man jogging past hollered to a lady, ‘Are you park running this weekend?’ Now, I thought, that wouldn’t have happened ten years ago, let alone when I was at school, with memories of the dreaded cross country runs flooding back as I stopped by the Red Mount. I actually enjoyed those, and came in the top five, to the annoyance of the ‘elite’ in my PE class.

“It is wonderful to see how the Park run events have significantly changed people’s perception towards exercise today and how it has created an enthusiastic running community here in Lynn.”

So now with more people looking after themselves and keeping the community spirit alive, Oliver is experiencing a surge in business, as the travel industry is currently changing with the emergence of wellness tourism.

This is the fastest growing sector in travel, he said, and often includes yoga and fitness holidays.

“People are looking for opportunities to keep active on holiday with the feeling of accomplishment. Long gone are the days of lounging around the pool wondering what’s happening back home. In fact, an active holiday can reduce stress as your mind is preoccupied,” said Oliver.

During the holiday sessions he runs, he leads a small group on training mornings , delivering a comprehensive and fun programme.

There is still plenty of time to relax or make the most of the inclusive Neilson activities, including the ever increasing popularity of stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, kayaking and much more. On completion of the week, his guests receive a training programme to create their own fitness regime back home.

“The holidays are for anyone who is interested in keeping fit and especially for the running community,” said Oliver. “I believe it’s essential to strike a balance in your training, to improve not only on your personal best but also in overall strength to help prevent injuries. Too much of one thing isn’t good for the body and mind.”

Oliver is also planning to run weeks specifically for teenagers, to help them learn correct exercise techniques and the importance of healthy eating.

This September, or next year, there are opportunities to join Oliver at the Neilson Adakoy Beachclub in Turkey.

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