Leave it loose in bin, Breckland council pleads

Breckland Council ANL-150904-113904001
Breckland Council ANL-150904-113904001
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Residents are being urged to “leave it loose” as part of a new initiative intended to increase the amount of domestic waste that can be recycled.

The Recycle Right programme has been set up by Breckland Council in a bid to stop residents putting bin bags or plastic bags, whether filled or not, into their recycling bins.

Officials say putting bags in the recycling bin slows down the sorting process and could potentially contaminate the materials they want to collect, making them unuseable.

They have also warned some bins may not be emptied if they contain items which can’t be recycled.

Trevor Carter, the council’s executive member for place, said: “We know that most people make a lot of effort to sort their recycling from their general waste.

“But I think there can sometimes be a misconception that bagging recycling to keep it bundled together is helpful, when it actually slows things down and can even reduce the amount of material we can recycle.

“I hope this reminder will help people fill their recycle bins with the right materials, which will further increase the amount of recycling we can collect locally.”