Letter: N Vinehill November 24, 2017

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It should be obvious why the pro-Brexit Conservative Daily Telegraph newspaper recently labelled several Conservative “Brexit Sceptics Remainers” MPs as traitors, mutineers and collaborators etc.

It’s because the whole economic case for Brexit is falling apart and the “intellectual” element of Brexit has nowhere else to go but to attack their own.

However for the average layperson the real reason the Tory “mutineers” are traitors is not because they’re against Brexit but because they, along with many remain Labour MPs, voted to trigger Article 50 in the first place when they were clearly against it. These MPs were mutineering against themselves and democracy generally just to appease the so called “will of the people” in order to protect their precious political careers, salaries and expenses.

Brexit is economic madness yet one doesn’t have to be a professor of economics or avid pro EU fanatic fan to realise that. We are a capitalist country and true socialism is not on the electoral agenda regardless of what a Corbyn-led Labour opposition proposes. Yet there is no logical capitalist case for leaving the EU and therefore the simpleton referendum choice result and Article 50 should be reversed regardless of the will of the Little Englander, particularly when there was no proper Leave manifesto laid out at the time of the referendum.