MEP to visit Snettisham firm after championing cause to give Norfolk carrstone European protection

Richard Howitt - MEP ANL-140529-101641001
Richard Howitt - MEP ANL-140529-101641001
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Carrstone produced in Norfolk for generations will now be given special European protection from imitation thanks to laws championed this week by East of England MEP Richard Howitt.

This will ensure that hard working Norfolk family businesses can no longer be ripped off by imitation products.

Mr Howitt this week backed new Euro laws giving geographical protection to authentic, local and original non-agricultural products.

The Norfolk Euro MP will be visiting the Frimstone Quarry in Snettisham, which has been extracting minerals for more than 70 years to hear how the new laws will help them.

Mr Howitt said: “This move by Europe is great news for local, family run, businesses such as Frimstone that produces top-of-the-range, unique and regionally exclusive goods.

“These laws will mean a clamp down of factories halfway round the world who try to pass off cheap knock-offs as originals.

“I hope Norfolk will continue to be held up around the world for its quality minerals and building work. I am proud to have spearheaded these laws and show what Europe is doing to protect and grow British manufacturing.”