More goals and major issues to focus on in 2016

Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
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So spring is here! Are you getting your domestic task done? In business life the end of the first quarter usually makes us focus on another list of goals to be measured, and to ask ourselves if we’re on target.

Optimistically, it’s only one quarter gone, so it’s not too late to put things right if necessary. But we mustn’t let it slip.

The remainder of 2016 will involve some big issues. Current research shows that business leaders flag up the European referendum, local government Devolution, the National Living Wage and the global economy as concerns for the immediate future.

And we have to address them, as well as actually running our businesses.

That means meshing the strategic issues with the tactical ones.

It means,too, that the (lower case ‘p’) political concerns need to be directly linked to the commercial ones. That needs government support.

For West Norfolk that starts with clear, unbiased, communication of what strategic and international policies actually mean, in real terms.

Norfolk Chamber continue to lobby for additional support for the region’s businesses trading internationally, infrastructure, new ways to inspire our young people and continuing to find additional ways to close skills any gaps and skills shortages.

The new King’s Lynn Innovation Centre in South Lynn will be invaluable in the transfer of knowledge and engagement with leading businesses.

Our region is finally being recognised by the government as having real potential.

The West Norfolk’s business community needs to keep the pressure on for improvements to our road, rail, mobile and broadband services, continuing to articulate what we need to improve the local economy and retain and create jobs.

It’s how we’ll meet the targets for 2016 – with three quarters of the year to go.

Better weather always lifts the spirits so let’s ensure that the rest of 2016 goes our way.