New counselling service launches in Gaywood

Jo Jones, counsellor who has set up Sunrise Counselling in Gaywood. ANL-160707-143836001
Jo Jones, counsellor who has set up Sunrise Counselling in Gaywood. ANL-160707-143836001
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Qualified counsellor Jo Jones has created a business in Gaywood offering affordable help for people with a wide range of issues.

Jo, a former tutor, has set up Sunrise Counselling to help people on a one-to-one basis, give relationship counselling, or host family groups who are experiencing problems.

She has a degree in psychology and sociology. She said: “I understand that everyone is different and has different views on life. With this in mind I choose to use an eclectic approach in counselling depending on the client and the challenges they are facing.

“I believe in a non-judgemental and supportive service to enable people to find peace and happiness and to reach their full potential.”

Her services can help people with depression, anxiety, disabilities and chronic pain sufferers. She also helps people who are bereaved and separating couples.

She said: “Some times people come to me and they are really unhappy and they don’t know why; sometimes people have had traumas in their life when they were children; some people are angry and they don’t understand why.

“I don’t judge, but I sit and listen and I don’t tell anyone what to do or how they should be feeling, but help them challenge themselves and come up with their own ideas. On occasions people just need a coping strategy and sometimes they don’t want to approach a member of their family with their problems, but they need to talk to someone independently. All my consultations are confidential.”

Jo has an understanding of what it is like to live with severe pain as she has suffered for many years with fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition with no cure, alongside chronic fatigue syndrome.

She said: “Sometimes when people are diagnosed with a serious condition, they think that their life is over – but it isn’t and it’s a case of changing directions and goals.”

Jo offers a 20 per cent discount for people who are on means-tested benefits and also to students. For more details visit her website or call her on 0774 966 0286.