New ground breaking technology for Fakenham haulage firm

Jack Richards, based at Fakenham, has invested in longer trailers as part of a government trial.
Jack Richards, based at Fakenham, has invested in longer trailers as part of a government trial.

Haulage firm Jack Richards & Sons Ltd based in Fakenham is the first company in Norfolk to provide its customers with an accurate two-hour time delivery window for palletised freight.

The new service is thanks to innovative technology developed by Palletways, Europe’s largest and fastest growing palletised freight network. Jack Richards & Sons is one of more than 100 independent transport companies who, as part of the Palletways network, are uniquely positioned to offer this service.

Through the ETA system, Jack Richards & Sons will also be able to provide SMS and email notifications to both their customers and consumers. Information is provided to track and trace goods and notify the two-hour window within which the pallet will be delivered.

Dominic Purslow, principle at Jack Richards & Sons, said: “The number one on our customers’ wish list is to receive two-hour delivery windows together with electronic notifications via mobile phone and email. Our pallet information system is now on a par with only the best parcel operators. No other palletised freight network or operator in the UK has this system.

“Working with Palletways, we’re part of the first pallet network in the UK to offer a comprehensive ETA system. In turn, this provides our customers an advantage over their competitors and a greater ability to manage their logistics and control costs. It’s a win-win on all sides.”

All drivers in the Palletways UK network of over 100 depots are trained to use the ETA App that will enable them to alter routes and delivery times according to traffic conditions and unforeseen circumstances, such as road traffic accidents. This technology offers an added level of certainty to the two-hour delivery windows.

Jack Richards & Sons is one of around 400 hundred members of Palletways’ European distribution network, all independent transport operators which share their resources to deliver small consignments of palletised freight to market more efficiently than before.