New King’s Lynn car buyer aims to boost local economy by releasing cash

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Online car buyer,, has opened a branch at Lynn’s Pierpoint Retail Park and says it is confident it will provide a cash injection into the local economy.

It will release cash by helping to overcome the problem of people struggling to sell privately-owned cars.

The branch, near Halfords and Pets at Home, will be open six days a week, closed on Thursdays, and can complete vehicle purchases in as little as 20 minutes from customers making online appointments or even just turning up.

Rich Evans, head of technical services for said: “There are 95,000 privately-owned cars in the Lynn branch catchment area – and, according to retail sector research, at least 30 per cent will be put on the market by their owners during the next 18 months.”

“If the average price of privately-owned and advertised cars for sale locally was around £6,000, and the average time they took to sell was a month, then even just 100 private car sales stalled for a month means that £600,000 is being withheld from the local economy.

“But our way of buying cars means that motorists who sell to us will be armed with more disposable income within days if not hours, and will put this back into the local economy – whether it’s spent getting a better deal on their next car or on other purchases.

“The delays and pitfalls in selling a car privately are well documented. However, the effect of having a branch open up in the area not only gives car owners another, faster, way to sell cars, it can benefit the local economy by releasing more cash locally, more quickly.

“And anybody who has bought or sold a car privately, or taken one to a dealer as a trade-in against a new car, will confirm that private sales rarely realise the advertised sales price, but buying a car for cash realised can lead to some big discounts.”

Param Singh, who heads up the team at the branch, which is one of more than 200 outlets nationwide, said: “We’ve made it easier to sell cars – and greater numbers of motorists are recognising the advantage of a 20-minute sale rather than waiting a few weeks to get the money for their car, and therefore the earlier opportunity to start spending it locally.

“We’ve been busy since opening - and expect this to continue. People are clearly turning to us to sell their cars knowing it will give them cash in the bank to negotiate the best deal on their next car, or, of course, anything else they may wish to spend the money on.”

More details of the new branch can be found online: