Nordelph photographer gets new angle on aerial opportunities with use of drone

David Wootton operating his drone. ANL-160125-085750001
David Wootton operating his drone. ANL-160125-085750001
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Professional photographer David Wootton, from Nordelph, is looking to offer more choices to clients now that he has qualified to take images and film using a drone.

David, of East Farm, has offered commercial photography to businesses for more than 20 years and regularly covers sites all over the UK taking pictures from a Cessna 182RG flying out of Great Massingham.

Now he has just obtained the Civil Aviation Authority’s Permission For Aerial Work (PFAW) certificate which enables him to offer customers stills or video filming using the drone.

He said: “Using drones is a natural progression for my business. Planes are expensive and we tend to do several sites in different parts of the country at one time. Using a drone offers more flexibility as it’s cost-effective to do a one-off job. It also means the client can stand beside you while you are flying the drone and see the images on screen at the same time, if we’re doing a building inspection, for example. I can offer still aerial photography or 4K video filming from a drone.”

Potentially there are numerous commercial uses for a drone, such as detailed inspections of rooftops, aerial shots of properties for sale and business premises.

“Shortly I shall be carrying out a project on a Grade I listed building in West Norfolk which has Tudor chimneys which may need pointing. It would be expensive to put up scaffolding, but using the drone I can easily take photos to survey what may be required. The same could be said of other buildings, such as a churches or commercial premises,” said David.

“In the spring I have a job coming up in the Fens where there have problems with a drain which has some kind of leakage. I will be able to fly the drone along it and see the different shades of foliage which will help to identify where the problem lies.”

Over the past 22 years David has worked with business clients, producing pictures of subjects ranging from cars, agriculture, garden furniture, holiday resorts, clothing and jewellery. He is also regularly commissioned to cover architectural projects including schools, colleges, road construction and shopping malls.

He is also a hobby beekeeper and in 2009 wrote and took photographs for his book, Beekeeping: A Novice’s Guide which is now in its second edition.

For more information about his business, David Wootton Photography, visit the website He can be contacted by email or by phone 01366 324346.