Now is the right time to refine plans for coming year

Chris Sargisson, chief executive of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Chris Sargisson, chief executive of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
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November. It’s an ideal time to reflect on the year and take a look at those plans that haven’t been put into operation yet.

Frankly, it might be best to get rid of them; or build them into the new plan for next year. Which is hurtling towards us.

You know the plans I mean. Those important ideas that formed from discussions, meetings, ponderings but you put on the back burner because “urgent”, day to day things came along.

There’s a profound difference between urgent and important. Sometimes some things are genuinely urgent, even though in the grand scheme of things they’re not of earth shattering importance.

The leak in the roof is urgent. But it’s not going to shift the direction of your brand over the next 12 months is it?

On the other hand, a review of where you think your competitors will be in five years’ time is really important. But, in truth, it doesn’t necessarily have to be completed today.

If a plan, an idea, a possible development has been lying in the back of your metaphorical fridge for the whole of this year and rather than maturing, it’s now mouldy and shrivelled, then the chances are it won’t have any demonstrable effect and now’s the time to dump it.

It’s said that no plan survives its first contact with the enemy. There is truth in that, and the plans you have implemented will doubtless have proved it.

If the ideas that you didn’t get round to using have simply frosted over, and their absence has had no effect, then they weren’t necessary.

Either way it’s a good idea to sort things out now and having a nice clean fridge will be good preparation for 2018.