Orders pour in at Beachamwell based vodka business featured at North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival

Matt and Steph Brown of Wild Knight English Vodka at their stall during the North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival at Holkham. ANL-160509-092029001
Matt and Steph Brown of Wild Knight English Vodka at their stall during the North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival at Holkham. ANL-160509-092029001
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A premium quality English vodka created by husband-and-wife team Matt and Steph Brown, has seen orders pour in since it arrived on the market just seven months ago.

The couple’s business Wild Knight English Vodka, based in Beachamwell, uses some of the finest barley grown in Norfolk plus water drawn from ancient chalk aquifers running under Eastern England to create the drink, which has been described as “liquid silk”.

Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka is produced by an experienced artisan distiller based on the Suffolk-Essex border who uses Matt and Steph’s own recipe.

Since launching on February 4, Wild Knight English Vodka has seen its distinctive-looking bottles shipped out to bars and retail outlets across the UK – and the order books are growing.

Last weekend the product was showcased for the first time at the hugely popular North Norfolk Food and Drink Festival held at Holkham Hall.

Said Matt: “It proved very successful and generated lots of interest plus new orders were placed. We will definitely return next year.

“It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing which accounts for the drink’s success – people just seem to love everything about it, from its smooth taste to its packaging. We have had some great feedback.

“Vodka can be made from various things such as potatoes, grain, even sugar beet. We were looking at using what we thought would be the best ingredient, which is barley, traditonally used for making the world’s finest whiskies and beers.

“We don’t use any flavouring, it’s simply barley and water distilled to create a pure vodka which is incredibly smooth with no burn on the tongue.”

The distillation process is precise and crucial to producing only the purest heart of the vodka retained for bottling.

Numerous bars and restaurants across North West Norfolk now stock the product and further afield there are outlets at Norwich Airport, Manchester, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

It teamed up with Hammonds of Knutsford, a top independent wine and spirit merchant, in May and in the past couple of weeks it was announced that Cambridge Wine Merchants will also be a stockist.

The vodka was well received at this year’s Imbibe Live held in London, which is Europe’s largest on-trade drinks exhibition. Said Matt: “At the show we were overwhelmed buy the interest in our vodka. Bar managers are definitely on the lookout for something new and there seemed to be a renewed interest in premium vodka. We are very excited to be at the forefront with what we feel is the best vodka you can buy in the UK.”

At present only Matt and Steph are running the business but expect to recruit another two or three people by next year.

They also have plans to develop their range of spirit-based products in the future.