Praise for Lynn based construction company for state-of-the-art showroom project

Pictured from left, are Austin Seales, Rob Copeman and Mark Mallett, site manager. ANL-160404-162332001
Pictured from left, are Austin Seales, Rob Copeman and Mark Mallett, site manager. ANL-160404-162332001
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Lynn-based construction company Chalcroft has been praised by Volkswagen for the transformation of its showroom into a state-of-the-art facility.

Chalcroft’s Small Works division renovated Volkswagen’s showroom and workshop in Bergen Way during the 16-week project.

To bring the dealership in line with current Volkswagen specification, Chalcroft’s brief included complete demolition within the existing offices and showroom, in order to facilitate full refurbishment. Scope of work also included a store room, canteen and welfare facilities. As part of the specification, Chalcroft designed, supplied and fitted a new architectural staircase and balustrade to replace the former spiral staircase, as well as undertaking the design and fit of a new efficient HVAC system.

Another important aspect was to remedy the floor – covering 400m², the ground-floor finish was in need of replacement due to slight sinkage over a number of years. Chalcroft stripped out the old material, replacing it with a specialist screed to provide exceptional stability and support for the structure and vehicles above. The Small Works team finished the floor to the very high-specification stipulated by Volkswagen.

The final part of the project was to respray all existing external framing and doors and install new VW signage and totums.

Rob Copeman, Smalls Works manager, explained: “Short-duration refurbishment projects at commercial or industrial premises are exactly the kind of jobs in which we’ve developed expertise. Clearly a long-term closure of the dealership would have impacted Volkswagen’s business so a timely turnaround was essential, coupled with a suitable finish in keeping with the setting buyers expect of a modern car showroom, and by working closely with the client we were able to complete the renovation to the satisfaction of the dealership’s management team and their own customers.”

Austin Seales, brand manager for Kings Lynn Volkswagen said: “We are delighted with the refurbishment of our site and it really has been quite a transformation. The exacting standards expected from Volkswagen with our new facilities required Chalcroft to work in close partnership with ourselves and our appointed architects. I commend the team from Chalcroft for the quality of workmanship and professionalism throughout the entire project. Working with a local contractor certainly proved to be the right decision for us and this relationship allowed the project to run as smoothly as we could ever have hoped.”