Review: My Beautiful Struggle by Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone.
Jordan Bone.

‘Inspiration’ is a word which is too often thrown around to describe people nowadays but is certainly befitting of YouTuber and beauty blogger Jordan Bone, of South Wootton, whose first book ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ hit shelves last month.

The 27-year-old’s first book tells of how she triumphed over trauma following a car accident which left her paralysed when she was just 15.

Jordan Bone with My Beautiful Struggle.

Jordan Bone with My Beautiful Struggle.

Within the first few pages of My Beautiful Struggle, it is clear to see just how much Jordan has been through in the years since the accident, and how strong-willed she is too.

The crash left Jordan paralysed from the chest down - meaning she has to use a wheelchair to move around, but she also has 24-hour support from carers.

It would be a difficult transition for anyone – to go from being someone who is physically independent to being restricted by paralysis – and this is what makes Jordan’s story so interesting, and also why millions of people have viewed her video My Beautiful Struggle on YouTube.

Because she really has triumphed over trauma.

The front cover of My Beautiful Struggle by Jordan Bone, published by Trapeze Books of Orion Publishing.

The front cover of My Beautiful Struggle by Jordan Bone, published by Trapeze Books of Orion Publishing.

It’s hard to imagine going through something so life-changing at such a young age, and not only that, but also come through the other side with such resilience and determination.

Having met and interviewed Jordan and watched her videos online, I feel confident in saying she truly is a remarkable person who radiates positivity.

And this is a constant theme throughout the book.

Jordan takes her readers along with her to recount how she pulled herself out of depression.

Jordan Bone.

Jordan Bone.

She puts a lot of importance on the fact that she was able to teach herself how to apply her make-up again after her hands became paralysed.

This, teamed with some guided meditations, led Jordan to start making YouTube videos about positivity as well as make-up tutorials.

At one point in the book, she says: “In so many ways my beauty blogging saved my life.”

This is something that Jordan approaches in a very clever way – her absolute passion for beauty.

To some, make-up products might seem like luxury items which are for vanity purposes only.

But for Jordan, and many others I’m sure, it’s so much more than that.

By naming each chapter in the book after a stage in her make-up regime, she relates that technique to everyday life.

One example is chapter nine, which is called ‘Highlight – Shining Bright’.

“That’s why doing my face has always been such a big deal. I have always wanted to present the image of my choice – one that is authentic to me – to highlight my confidence that day,” she says in the chapter.

Although, to me at least, the book isn’t overtly described as a self-help work, it certainly can be classed as one.

By sharing the techniques she has used to overcome her struggles in life, it is clear how she does inspire so many and how they can learn from the battles she has had too.

Having put out online content for years, many of her followers have had questions and have come to want to know more about Jordan, and ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ has surely answered the majority of those.

She is incredibly open in this book, and says outright that she wants to be honest with those who follow her, but it can’t have been easy reliving the moments which changed her life forever.

I have seen Jordan say on social media that she would be ready to write a second book, and I’m certain there would be a demand for it following the success of this first one.

After all, ‘My Beautiful Struggle’ is an absolute page-turner – it’s an uplifting, but often heartbreaking, story of how one girl fought back to not let her disability define her life.

Jordan is one of the strongest people I have ever had the privilege of meeting, and her strength is so clear here.

‘My Beautiful Struggle’ sends a powerful message of optimism to anyone who ever has their own struggle, which is so important.