Sainsbury’s at Hardwick in King’s Lynn uses new technology to heat well for less

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Lynn’s Hardwick Sainsbury’s store is one of several belonging to the supermarket chain which is pioneering new heating technology.

This is a heat chamber installed in the ground below the supermarket, which collects waste heat from the back of the store’s fridges and stores it for use in the colder months.

All of the store’s heating can be supplied using the new ground-source heaters, and the technology cuts energy consumption by more than 30 per cent.

Heat lost from the back of fridges is transported to an underground vault through a series of pipes. The heat is kept underground using subsurface rock, which has good insulating properties, and when required, the heat is pumped back into the store.

Store heating bills are cut, because less energy is needed from the National Grid.

Heating technology specialists Geoscart are working with Sainsbury’s and British Gas to provide ground-source heating across 100 stores.