Slimming group inspires mum from Upper Marham after tragic loss

Cat Hurley who is opening a new Slimming World group at Wimbotsham.
Cat Hurley who is opening a new Slimming World group at Wimbotsham.

A slimmer from Upper Marham who successfully shed weight with Slimming World, which supported her through personal tragedy, is about to open a new group of her own at Wimbotsham.

Cat Hurley had joined classes after putting on two stones in just three months, a weight gain she puts down to the tragic loss of her baby at only 20 weeks pregnant, after which she admitted losing control of her eating habits, consuming mainly takeaways and fast food.

Now she is back on track after losing nearly two stone in 18 months – during which time she has also had a baby.

Said Cat: “I really wanted to lose some weight before another pregnancy and to ensure that I was eating healthy and nutritious food, but I didn’t feel like I could do it on my own. My consultant, along with the members at the Marham group were so supportive and I found all the encouragement I could ever need.”

It wasn’t long before Cat, who is mum to Jackson, had lost her first stone and shortly after found out she and her husband were expecting another baby. She said: “With the support of my consultant and my midwife I was able to continue to follow the plan. My baby was getting all the goodness from the food I was enjoying.”

After giving birth to baby Ashton in May 2016, Cat returned to her local group and over the next seven months lost one stone 12 pounds and gradually started exercising again.

Cat will open the doors of her Slimming World group at Wimbotsham Village Hall on Tuesday, March 14, at 7.30pm.