Swaffham branch of travel agency sees boom in holiday sales

Premier Travel
Premier Travel

Holiday sales at a Swaffham travel agents have seen a huge increase this spring following the rise of the pound against foreign currencies.

The boom in sales has also been evident at other East Anglian branches of independent travel agency Premier Travel.

The travel agency is reaping the benefits after the pound reached its highest level in 2017 against the euro and US dollar at the end of April. Research from Post Office Travel Money has also shown that UK currency has strengthened against 38 currencies over the past six months.

Premier Travel saw a significant increase of up to 58 per cent in holiday bookings in April. A number of its branches celebrated record April sales and year-on-year increases throughout the month including in Norfolk, the Wymondham store netting a 37 per cent sales increase and the Swaffham branch celebrating a 14 per cent sales increase.

Customers have been splashing out on travel money, with Premier Travel achieving substantial growth in foreign currency sales during April, including the Bedford Street, Norwich, branch which had a 92 per cent rise in travel money.

Paul Waters, director of Premier Travel, said: “Holidaymakers are benefiting from the strengthening of sterling, which has come at a good time as the holiday season gets underway. We’ve certainly noticed a correlation between the strengthening of the pound and holiday sales.”

Premier Travel is a privately owned, independent travel agency who have been in travel since 1936. They have 21 branches in the south east of England.