Swaffham firm’s jet deal breaks new ground

STG Aerospace ANL-151208-084357001
STG Aerospace ANL-151208-084357001
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A Swaffham firm which is a world leader in lighting technologies for aircraft, has just broken new ground with a double installation of its products on jets flying to New York from both London and Paris.

STG Aerospace has just completed a project to put in emergency floor path marking system and a cabin lighting system on Boeing 757-200 operated by DreamJet, trading as La Compagnie.

By installing both systems, STG Aerospace ensured the cabin lighting was both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Marcus Williams, who is director of sales and marketing at STG, said: “Ensuring a successful installation is always of paramount importance to us, especially in this case which is the first time we have completed a combined liTeMood® and saf-Tglo™ installation.

“It is critical to understand the effect of an LED upgrade on the compliance of the emergency systems.

“We are delighted that DreamJet trusted us to install the latest generation LED and photoluminescent systems available, combining the two industry-leading systems to provide LED lighting that enhances the cabin aesthetics and ensures regulatory compliance.”

STG used its latest version of saf-Tglo, a product which is installed in more than 9,000 aircraft worldwide. This up-to-date product, SuperSeal UltraLite (SSUL) will be an option for airlines on new craft as well as being available for retrofits.

SSUL is the lightest, highest performing and most discreet photoluminescent system available and because of its sealed design, it completely eliminates the risk of fluid leakage, reducing maintenance costs significantly. It also needs no power source which gives it an advantage over electrical-based systems.

The latest research into the effects of ambient lighting has also been used to develop liTeMood, which boast increased reliability over traditional lighting systems. liTeMood is up to 40kg lighter than original fluorescent lighting, uses less power and improves the aircraft’s fuel efficiency.