Visitors to Heacham are ‘parking anywhere’, says resident

Cars parked at the side of the road in South Beach, Heacham. ANL-160209-095548001
Cars parked at the side of the road in South Beach, Heacham. ANL-160209-095548001
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Lives are being put at risk by the inconsiderate parking of visitors to the beach in Heacham, one angry caravan park resident has claimed.

Sharon Sawford, who has a caravan on a site off of South Beach Road, says the problem has been growing year after year.

Mrs Sawford said: “I’ve been coming to Heacham for nine years, but the cars blocking the road are more noticeable this year. It’s particularly bad outside of the [caravan] site, going down to the beach.”

She added that she believed that people either choose not to use the car parks so they can avoid the charges, or the car parks are too full to be used, so visitors park where they can.

“The amount of traffic is building up, people are parking anywhere near [the beach] – even on the pavements,” she said.

“Last year four engines were called to a fire nearby, but when the road is blocked like this, I doubt one fire engine could get down there, let alone four.”

Mrs Sawford, who lives in Newport Pagnall in Buckinghamshire, has voiced her concerns to the police and to Norfolk County Council.

She added that she hoped it would not take an accident for something to be done about it.

Chairman of Heacham Parish Council Michael Williamson said: “This is possibly a result of car parking charges, and reflecting what people are prepared to pay.

“Entry to the road should be kept free because there would be a risk if it was impossible for others to get through, if they needed to rescue someone on the beach, for example.”

Councillor for Heacham Colin Manning said he was not aware of any issues currently, but that if there are problems with obstruction, safer neighbourhood teams and police should be informed.

Mrs Sawford said she has set up a petition regarding this matter which Parkdean Resorts are holding in their reception.